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imageOH THANKYU! <3 Honestly I love platforms, the higher the harder to walk in. Am inch or two inch platforms are easy but, 3 inches or 4 inches is way harder like the YRU shoes. I walked in those shoes for 5 hours and I was ready to throw them across the room after lol.


oh ty

To start off, I was one of those kids that dressed around the school dresscode. Fairy Wings to school. Long thick blue leggings with a short skirt. Cut up right over the knee shorts with cut up leggings under. Khaki overalls ect. All the school officials didn’t know what to do with me because technically I wasn’t showing any skin. But, me I didn’t want and still dont conform to the social norm. I did how ever get stopped on multiple occasions about what I was wearing. I did get called retarded. I did get looked at weird. I did hear people whispering about me. Did I care? Hell no.

While I was in school, I wore the dresscode and got my period stained all over my pants. I had clothes because I was going to a sleepover so I asked permission to change and the school officials dared say “Did you stain your pants on purpose so you can wear jeans?” okay thats unrelated but still people are so corrupted in that sense.

We learn basic arithmetic, grammar and reading in Elementary school. After that it’s just an extension of what you’ve already learned. I learned more on my own then I ever learned in school with AP and honors classes. I read 100+ books on my own. You don’t wish you had that time back? Our childhoods was basically spent in containment. I do not think it is ever a good thing to set constraints on human expression or the human mind because then we become simple minded and never see the big picture. You’re already conditioned by the system. You’ve already let go of the most important thing creativity. We are all becoming sheep and this whole conversation and that article is a prime example and proof that it’s already too late. I went to college, for teaching and fine arts because I wanted to spread my knowledge and creativity to the new souls trying to flourish in this system. I’m sure someone who is self educated can keep a conversation and learn the basic skills to live without spending 12+ years in a cycle. Some children cannot learn in that environment those kids are sent to ‘ESE’ and other kids make fun of them because they need a smaller special class so they could concentrate and slowly conform. Hey, I was in an ESE homeroom because I was diagnosed with a learning disability but all my other classes were AP and honors classes.

You guys can think what you want about dresscode but I think it’s irrelevant. What does they way you dress have to do with what and how you learn? Nothing at all. Of course booty shorts and a crop top tank top isn’t the best attire to go to school in but I feel schools should give more leeway for students to be able to express themselves. A lot of schools don’t allow colored hair, long hair on boys or facial hair. Which isn’t distracting in any way. They want everyone to look the same, think the same, act the same. All of you are thinking the same. So the system worked on you. But don’t you feel it’s so meaningless and pointless to live just to pay bills and have a family? Don’t you feel that there is something you can do that you can actually be proud of? For the community, for the greater good or even something artistic and creative to make other people step out of the box and start thinking more innovative?

This is only my opinion and I hope maybe I opened someones eyes, I don’t mean go out and quit your job but just think a little research a little on spirit science look more into the things going on in our country and think outside the tiny box they put us in as soon as we are born.